Phoebe with Shalom

Big Thanks to all the patient and kind staff at The Snuggery!
Shalom was a “paid rescue”, she was in a pet shop daily in a tight sleeping cage and we decided to bail her out. Although I did my research on scotties, Shalom showed what her breed could do – Definitely not for first time dog owner and not for the faint hearted! My hubby came on to check on her one afternoon while she’s a puppy and found the bathroom flooded. She had chewed through the toilet pipe!
The Snuggery is the answer! They provided a supervised haven for her to expend her energy, to fledge her wings and play to her heart’s content! She is fearless since young and enjoyed playing with big dogs such as huskies and golden retrievers. I also often witness her being a “referee’ between two large dogs playing tugs and her participating in the tug games too!
Shalom vocalises with play growls and The Snuggery team understands that certain dogs are more vocal while engaging in play than others and makes room for her. At daycare, she learns to share and be harmonious with the rest of her friends. On top of that, she gets to swim!
Shalom is now 3 years old, a quiet lady but still with a tough side when she’s messed with! We are grateful that Shalom is able to socialise in a safe environment where her personality has been well shaped while we are at work. We received many comments that she is much calmer a few months into daycare!


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